Rev. Beth Galbreath is

An ordained Deacon of the United Methodist Church who is passionate about helping folks experience the Good News of Jesus Christ through

    Biblical Storytelling

    Experiential, ancient-future worship

    Exciting multi-intelligence teaching, in person and online
    Ancient-future spiritual practices

Beth Galbreath

She holds an MA in spiritual formation and an MS in communications, and is one of the first graduates of the Lumicon Institute certification program in Digital Culture Ministry.


Beth is a member of theĀ Network of Biblical Storytellers International, and has taught the art of biblical storytelling in Cameroon, Bolivia, the Philippines and Haiti. She coordinates the Chicago-area Prairie Wind Guild: Tellers of Sacred Stories.


She teaches Biblical storytelling extensively online through theĀ Richard and Julia Wilke Institute, also known as, as well as classes in spirituality, congregational leadership, interfaith understanding, United Methodist history, theology and polity, and sacraments. More on her online courses is here.

She also presents workshops, leads retreats and performs Scripture.


Currently she is serving as a deacon with two church plants:
Compassion United Methodist Church in Brookfield, IL
Crossroads of Life UMC, a hoped-for congregation within the walls of Illinois' women's prison at Logan, IL.


She's the author of The Story and The Feast digital liturgical resource of Communion liturgy connected to the stories of Scripture used in worship, and many more drama and teaching resources.


And she's the creator, producer and editor of NBS Mobile free video lessons in biblical storytelling.

Beth Galbreath is amazing - she just does and does and does.   --Rev. John Meyers


Rev. Beth Galbreath         815-303-2822      Galbreath Digital Culture Ministries