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   A note about welcoming everyone: The purpose of Journey to Jerusalem is to teach, inspire and call persons to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The message is about what Jesus did "back then" and still does for all of us, today. It is NOT about hurting anyone or stirring up ancient and evil hatreds or conflict between people of different faiths.

   People being what we are, there will be some of your visitors who have not overcome their grandparents' prejudices against Jewish people, who still have "hot buttons" which would distract them from the message of Christ's love. Therefore I ask you to be very careful about anything that could even remotely push those "hot buttons."

   Please, in the drama, in the marketplace, use the word "Hebrew" or "Judean" instead of "Jew." Do not place the "blame" for Jesus' death anywhere except where it belongs -- on human cussedness. We are all guilty of rejecting Jesus. Write to stress that Jesus loves everybody, that we are all sinners and need His grace.  Work so that if Jewish or Islamic persons -- or Buddhist or Hindu or Bahai or whatever -- come to your event, Christ will be glorified and not slandered.

   May the grace and peace -- and energy! -- of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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