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Midwest Region 

CinDay Guild

CinDay Guild: Telling Biblical Stories in the Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio area is one of the most active guilds, with monthly meetings. Among its members is NBSI founder Tom Boomershine, and it will play host to the Festival Gathering in Dayton.

Learn more at CinDay's website here.

Prairie Wind Guild

Prairie Wind Guild in the Chicago area performs epic tellings and encourages tellers through a free monthly enews. It has also helped launch NBS Cameroon and other international work, and sponsored interfaith storysharing efforts. 

Learn more at Prairie Wind Guild's website here.

Northern Ohio Guild

To contact Northern Ohio Guild, email longtime NBSI members Jim Kulma or Bert Ambrose.

Central Indiana Biblical Storytelling Guild

The Indianapolis-region Central Indiana Biblical Storytelling Guild is a teaching and learning group blessed with the presence of NBSI Scholars Seminar Marti Steussy and NBSI Coordinator Ellen Handlin.  For information, contact Marti Steussy.

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