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About Beth Galbreath

Rev. Beth Galbreath is an ordained Deacon of the United Methodist Church
who is passionate about helping folks experience the Good News of Jesus Christ through

   Exciting multi-intelligence teaching, in person and online 

   Biblical Storytelling

   Experiential, ancient-future worship

She holds an MA in spiritual formation and an MS in communications,
and teaches extensively online through, 
as well as 
presenting workshops, leading retreats and performing Scripture face to face.

Beth is a leader in the Network of Biblical Storytellers International, and has taught the art of biblical storytelling in Cameroon, Bolivia, the Philippines and Haiti as well as the United States. She is a leader in the Chicago-area Prairie Wind Guild: Tellers of Sacred Stories and NBS TOGether: The Online Guild.


Beth serves as a deacon with Compassion United Methodist Church in Brookfield, a Chicago suburb, as well as assisting with Crossroads of Life PFC, a ministry with those experiencing incarceration in central Illinois.


She's the author of The Story and The Feast and many more drama and teaching resources. 

Beth Galbreath is amazing - she just does and does and does.   --Rev. John Meyers. 

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