Invitation to Spiritual Growth

3 Colors of Your Spirituality

What is your “spiritual style”? Why do other people connect with God so differently? Is your church embroiled in “worship wars?” Or is your connection with God in a rut?


Every Lent or New Year do you make the same spiritual resolutions, and fail? Do you really know your own spiritual style and want to go deeper? Or are you trying to imitate others?

Nearly all of Rev. Beth Galbreath's courses can help participants grow closer to God. But this one is all about how we relate to God, and how to understand others who may not connect with God the same way. 

The concept of “3 Colors of Your Spirituality” springs from the pioneering Natural Church Development (NCD) research of Christian Schwarz in 70,000 churches across all six continents.

Participants will need to purchase “The Three Colors of Your Spirituality” by Christian Schwarz from in the U.S. or from your national NCD resource agency in other countries.