Biblical Storytelling Courses 

Beth Galbreath is passionate about helping folks reconnect with Scripture through the art and spiritual discipline of biblical storytelling using the methods developed by the Network of Biblical Storytellers.


The emphasis in these classes is on learning to tell Scripture by heart, using our bodies and emotions as well as our minds, rather than as a series of words "memorized" in the head. Biblical storytelling is for preachers, teachers, evangelists, parents - everyone!


And members of faith traditions other than Christianity are also welcome, especially those of the Abrahamic faiths who share reverence for many of the same stories.

Biblical Storytelling Weekly

Biblical Storytelling Weekly uses teleconferencing technology to gather the class in a face-to-tace online meeting once a week for six weeks. The techniques taught are the same as in Biblical Storytelling I, but a different assigned story will be taught each week.


It's a great opportunity for a group working together. Email Beth to arrange a session.

All Biblical Storytelling courses qualify as Advanced Lay Servant Ministries courses. 

Biblical Storytelling 1

A two-week online class in the fundamentals of preparing, learning and telling a biblical text by heart -  not by "memorization."


In this class we focus on the genre of text-telling, so that participants will be able to tell the Scripture in worship and teaching instead of reading it. Participants will dig deeply into the story of their choice and learn it over the course of the class.

Biblical Storytelling 2

A three-week course touching on over two dozen expanded topics in the art - different genres including first person, drama, rap and midrash; puppets, children, tandem and epic telling, and story-stitching; costumes, props, ways to use biblical story, using biblical story in liturgy, developing your storyteller's voice, protecting your voice and body, and much more.