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Biblical Storytelling

A storytelling event is a sacred event that binds tellers and listeners together in community. Invite Beth Galbreath for a special program of biblical storytelling!


For pulpit supply, for worship, for a special banquet  program, or for a spiritual retreat - hear the great stories of the Bible as they were originally experienced. Programs are designed for your needs,  your time frame, and your audience.


Contact her (below) to reserve your special date for a presentation, created especially for your audience.

"This process is so amazing to me. The stories take up residence in me in a new way and crop up at surprising times in my life. I become aware of new connections between passages and nuances that I had never noticed or considered in any previous encounters with the passage. This is such a gift for me."

                                      -- Rebecca Potter, 2012


       - Northern Illinois United Methodist Annual Conference, June 2009


"Beth INHABITED that text, breathed life into the familiar words and shared good news with all of us."            - online comment, 2010


"You brought the Bible alive."  - everywhere, every time

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