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About "Digital Culture Ministry"

Digital Culture Ministry is everything that the Church needs to do in the 21st Century to move from print-literate culture into the current and future digital culture. 


As the world’s primary system of communication changes from print to screen (video, graphics, computers, Internet), today’s primary form for communication is story.


Digital culture people - and that's all of us, but especially those born after 1962 - need to experience the world’s most important Story in story-based worship, teaching and outreach.

And since first-century Christians also lived in a story-based culture - though it was oral rather than electronic - digital culture ministry also means reclaiming many of the church's ancient traditions that were forgotten during the "modern" print-literate era. 


Those traditions include Telling Scripture as story and full, rich celebration of the sacraments. It also means multiple-intelligence learning methods for both children and adults.


Digital culture ministry means using all technologies together - projection, music, video, graphics, speaking -  so that digital culture people can experience God.

Rev. Galbreath was one of the first graduates and then an instructor in Lumicon Institute, a powerful but short-lived program which inspired her passion for storytelling and digital culture ministry. 

I cannot begin to express how impressed I have been with [Rev. Galbreath's] expertise, patience, and Christian charity as she has helped me learn the ins and outs of the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 video editing program.


A couple of weeks ago, Beth unselfishly spent three hours on Google chat with me to give me an overview of the program and has since graciously answered all my dumb questions.


Her extreme patience in working with a "digital dummy" has been nothing short of amazing. I just wanted to publicly acknowledge what a fine ministry she has in helping to spread the good news via digital media.

                                                                                                                                                                           - Jim Cyr

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