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Required Lay Speaker Courses

Life Together in the United Methodist Connection

Beth teaches two of the official courses required for United Methodist Lay Speakers - though everyone is welcome. 

Both are scheduled over three weeks with Sunday and one other day off (Saturday, or Wednesday during Lent). 

Do you wonder how the United Methodist Church both accomplishes so much good in the world and why certain frustrations continue to plague it?


This course in the United Methodist church's constitution, structure and systems, aka "polity," is a great experience for anyone who wants to know why and how.

Both the online version and the leader guide for use in local face to face classes were developed by Rev. Galbreath, so they're guaranteed to be the most fun you'll ever have in a class on church polity!


So go ahead - try it! I'm betting you'll actually enjoy it!


This class may be available at your local district Lay Academy, but only online at will you get Beth Galbreath as a teacher!

Living Our United Methodist Beliefs

Curious about where the United Methodist Church came from, and what it believes and teaches?


This class is a great experience for anyone who wants to know more about the church's roots and guiding beliefs.

It's an excellent introduction for anyone who is new in the church, and also a solid grounding in heritage and the specific emphases of its Wesleyan theology for anyone - and especially anyone who feels called to preach. It covers both U.M. theology and highlights of its history and roots in England (and Germany) and the U.S.

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