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What others have said about Biblical Storytelling courses

Kristie Hawkes:

OH MY GOSH!!!  I hope everyone reads this. Today was the first time I REALLY put my story together. It was SO POWERFUL, HORRIBLE, WONDERFUL, EXHAUSTING, ENLIGHTENING, AWESOME!! I haven’t been through anything like it. It is only 7 verses! I can’t even imagine how anyone would do a Passion series! By the end I was crying like a baby and exhausted.


.... I thank God that he has brought this medium to me and I thank all of you for everything you add to this class.

Sherry E.:

This course which you facilitate is walking on the water.  You show us we can "walk" on water with Jesus and gives us hope that we can share His Word with the world... one story at a time! This venue has allowed  all of us to get out of the boat one way or another.  I know I got of the boat.

John Ptaznik:

At first I was a little skeptical of the idea of learning something by heart versus memorizing.   As the process was introduced and I worked through the process I really was able to grasp the meaning and felt that by the end I had learned my story by heart.   I still have work to do to truly bring my story to life, but I have the tools to do so.  

Wendy Feaga:

Needless to say, I had a blast! This is an excellent course for the Lay Speakers as well as clergy to hone speaking skills both for scripture as well as sermons.          

Philip Orticke:

Rev. Beth is clearly a dedicated and a very well read scholar in biblical history. She is an excellent teacher. Her insights and experiences serve her purpose excellently. The course was well worth every cent. I would strongly advise others to take the course.                     - 

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