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"With All Your Mind" - 
Online Resources for Deep Study of a Story

With All Your Mind:
Online resources for deep study of Scripture
Rev. Dr. James Galbreath

     Google earth (processed):          - IOS App Store, Google Play
     Real time satellite imagery:

History and Archaeology:
     Biblical Archaeology Society:

          (Blogs, video, and a free daily enews.)
         (and its footnote links!)

Interlinears (English):

    General commentary links of many kinds:
    Rev. Dr. Tom Boomershine story-specific 
        storytelling help:

Bible translations:
   New Revised Standard (NRSV):
   Other translations:
(Note: NBSI does not endorse its ads)
   Bible Society of India:
        (so far, no online translations)

NBSI online resources:
   Biblical storytelling lesson videos:
   NBS TOGether: The Online Guild;
       monthly 1-hour zoom meeting -
       Facebook, NBS Together Online Guild 
   NBSI international enews:

Enews (email to request):
   American Society for Oriental Research,
   Biblical Archaeology Society: (daily enews)
   NBSI scholars’ essays, free to international
       folks: email
   Dr. James Fleming’s commentary:

Language learning:
   Learn Hebrew online:

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