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What will it cost to invite Rev. Galbreath?

For most presentations or workshops (for example, leading worship, or a program for a lunch or dinner), you may choose from two options:


   Option 1: A flat fee of $200 per hour 
        or part of an hour, if the requested program length is less. Travel and setup time are not included in this calculation; you get those free.

   Option 2: A flat fee of $100 per hour 
        plus a free-will offering to support one of the many special tax-deductible projects which are part of Rev. Galbreath's ministry.


For longer events, such as a workshop or all-day retreat, the flat fee will be $100 per hour.


The minimum for out-of-Illinois events is $300. For distant events, travel expenses are expected to be reimbursed.


The agreed-upon fee structure will be detailed in writing before the event. Payment of flat fees is expected no later than the time of the event itself.


In certain cases, a free-will offering may be substituted.


Quesions? Email Rev. Galbreath to ask!

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