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What others have said about Loaves and Fishes

Jill Croushore:


This course was an excellent introduction to asset mapping and having led one session already, I feel very comfortable leading others. I highly recommend this class and, if possible, take it along with a few others from your congregation. It was a blessing to talk with my Lay Leader about the class over the past two weeks and to collaborate with her on the monthly Stewardship Moment that resulted from our learning.

Dave Goss:


The themes of the course which stood out to me were the overall simplicity of the process, the empowerment it offers for people to commit to things that they are really excited about instead of trying to plug people into existing things, and looking for partners beyond the boundaries of the congregation and the benefit of synergistic relationships.  I hope to incorporate asset mapping into our congregation beginning with the Administrative Council as we look at our current programs and seek God’s will for new endeavors.

Sherri Williams:


I had absolutely no idea what asset mapping was before this class. What a great tool! I would definitely recommend this course to others. What a fun way to get discover hidden assets for ministry. Thank you so much!

Tom Helber:


I am so appreciative of this class and the reading from Snow’s book.  It has been an awakening on how to get unstuck and get moving.  I will definitely be able to use the learnings in my ministry, and in life as I discovered in my readings there is more to be gained in turning fixed-sum thinking into open-sum dynamic, and it keeps the community from splintering. I most definitely would recommend this course to others.

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