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What others have said about Table and Waters

Frances Dowdle:

I loved Come to the Waters! This kind of experience is what I look forward to in Continuing Education. I gained so much from the reading assignments, as well as, the posts from other participants. My knowledge has deepened and my spirit has been blessed.

Elaine Pope-Joffrion:

Come to the Waters is a phenomenal course. Beth is a wonderful facilitator/instructor, and this study truly enriched my knowledge and blessed my spirit.

Derl Littrell:

I will never approach communion the same again!  It has taken on a new life for me!            

Jana White: 

Before I took this class, I would have told you I was very familiar with the Methodist way of ‘doing’ communion.  Come to the Table has given me new things to consider, increased my knowledge, and enriched my understanding. ... Yes, I would recommend the course to others—including my pastor.

Susan Webb:

 Both were well organized with great resources and well-written and beautifully illustrated lessons.  The questions that we responded to in our daily posts were thought provoking and generated lots of dialogue.

Lay Servants and pastors from all over the country participated and I learned a great deal from interacting with them on the discussion board.  

Jon Wooldridge:

Accessible, meaningful theology, from roots to practical manifestations…Not a single occasion where I felt my time was wasted or that we were just going through the motions to get through a section of the material…


Beth is especially adept at framing the material, eliciting substantive discussion, keeping discussion germane and responding appropriately to questions or student confusion…The way the class was organized and the content covered lead naturally from learning to action.


There are quite a number of things from theology to ideas and suggestions which will stay with me as I network and minister to others.

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