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Biblical Storytelling in India

Dr. Sandhya Ruban (left) leads NBS India, launched in January-February 2020 with a dozen biblical storytelling events in and near Chennai, which is on the southwestern coast of the nation. Nine NBSI team members participated; 79 persons responded to the call to join the core group of NBS India!   


Click here for tellings by NBS India members! 

Click here for Dr. Ruban's storytelling concert, Hushed Voices, Harsh Tales

Anyone interested in NBS India is invited to email Sandhya at      

Resources provided to participants in the 2020 workshops are here. 

The Chennai mission followed a return to Christian Medical College in Vellore. Here is a video about that three-day Heart and Voice conference, and here is a video about the Christwood conference, both by Stanley Benjamin. 

The 2020 mission was led by Rev. Beth Galbreath (right, in red hat). The team included David Jonsson and Linnea Good of Canada (far left and right) and (left to right) Rev. Jim Galbreath, Beth, Elaine Davies, Larry Brown, Thelma Ruffin Thomas, Carole Danby of Australia, and Debbie Weir. 

The Vellore event was a followup on a 2018 mission led by Ron Coughlin and Linnea Good of NBS Canada and Juliana Rowe of New York. That trip held successful institutes in two cities in India. Read more about this 2018 mission here. 

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Biblical Storytelling in Korea

Partners from a wonderful biblical storytelling organization in Korea have close ties to NBSI. 

Sun Young (Janice) Kim (in black hat at left), a participant in the Academy for Biblical Storytelling, has translated Rev. Dr. Tom Boomershine's Story Journey into Korean and led two teams to NBSI Festival gathering. Rev. Yon Soo Kim (second from left, front row) leads a Korean biblical storytelling organization with an extensive curriculum. 

Here's the link to their website. 

And here is their web page on this site, with the wonderful video they made for Virtual Festival Gathering 2021! 

Biblical Storytelling in Indonesia

In January 2020, Janice Kim participated in workshops and taught biblical storytelling with Iva Xavier at a seminary in Bandung, Indonesia! 

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Biblical Storytelling in Australia

It's a long way from Australia to the U.S., but NBSI member Carole Danby has been a regular attender at Festival Gathering and participant in mission Institutes. In 2017, she and Beth Galbreath pioneered the first ever Trans-Pacific workshop at Festival Gathering, thanks to internet technology! Her passion is biblical storytelling with children; she is eager to connect with anyone who needs biblical storytelling encouragement there. She's based in Brisbane. 

Biblical Storytelling in the Philippines

An NBSI team with Philippine partners led institutes in Davao (pictured) and Quezon City (a Manila suburb) in 2014. The work continues independently in the Philippines under the auspices of Wycliffe Bible Translators! 

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