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Network of Biblical Storytellers Cameroon 

Rev. George Vimensi Minang heads the very active NBS Cameroon. After two NBSI Institutes there in 2013, he has traveled all over the country teaching the art, and also teaches biblical storytelling in seminary. NBS Cameroon also sponsors a weekly radio program of multi-lingual biblical storytelling! 

NBS Cameroon Radio Show 1Rev. George Vimensi Minang
00:00 / 18:35
NBS Cameroon Radio Show 2Rev. George Vimensi Minang
00:00 / 25:40
Network of Biblical Storytellers in The Gambia 

NBSI has led two Institutes in The Gambia, and NBS Gambia is led by Pastor Benjamin M.E-Michael in Protestant churches and Fr. Gidi Pius in the Catholic congregations. 

It was at the first institute in The Gambia, organized by Juliana Rowe (originally of Sierra Leone) in 2011, that Rev. Vimensi Minang from Cameroon attended and caught the fire for the art! 

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