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FREE International enews

Dr. Sandhya Ruban, coordinator of NBS India, sends monthly international enews to anyone inside or outside the United States who wants it. It is a very simple enews, designed to be viewed on phones or tablets even in nations which have less robust internet connectivity. 

The International enews includes electronic versions of The Biblical Storyteller magazine which may be freely shared. 

Guild/Regional Network Manual

Step by step information on how to start a guild (a.k.a. regional network) of your own. Click on the icon to download. 

A series of 12 video lessons in biblical storytelling. This resource is designed for young urban people for whom English is a second language, and is structured in short lessons that can be viewed on a cell phone, but anyone is welcome to learn from them! 

International Mission Manual

Do you have contacts somewhere in the world where NBSI hasn't held Institutes yet? This manual gives step by step instructions on leading a mission. Click on icon to download.

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